Not like other bridges:

Fully locking
fully rocking

Uncompromising Design

Finally: the offset bridge done right

Individually adjustable height and intonation

Locks your entire setup in place

Authentic rocking vibrato action

Fits any fretboard radius

Don't compromise.
Make the guitar you love your number one.

Tuffset Bridge gives you the Offset Guitar ownership experience you’ve been dreaming of, without compromising the authentic sound and feel of a Vintage-style rocking vibrato action.

Customer Testimonials

The Tuffset Experience

"A genuine improvement to the guitar - an improvement to the function and performance while disappearing under my hand. The attention to detail of both the design and machining produced a quality product"
Stevo Guitaro
"I’ve had Jags and Mustangs in the past. I love the sound. But when the time comes to thin the herd, they’re first for the chop because I can’t use them live. This bridge will change all that for me!"
Tobias R
In terms of style, build quality, playability - unmatched with any other bridge I've used. Since getting the Tuffset, I cannot put my offset down.
John Phelps
guitar tech

Experience the freedom your Offset Guitar was meant to provide

With the Tuffset Bridge’s locking posts, you can dial in an optimal setup secure in the knowledge that your bridge won’t let you down at a critical moment. 

Enjoy a renewed confidence on stage – all whilst retaining your offset guitar’s natural voice and the smooth vibrato action that comes with a rocking bridge.

Set it up, lock it down

Engineered from the ground up to feature individual height and intonation adjustment of each string, the Tuffset Bridge makes it easy to achieve a perfect setup on any guitar, whatever your fretboard radius.

The patented locking system ensures that every single adjustment stays exactly where you put it.

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The Tuffset Difference

You won't find it anywhere else - a rocking guitar bridge that is absolutely bullet proof, designed and made in the UK.


No flimsy springs to sap your sustain

The Tuffset Bridge resonates as a single piece and rings like a bell


No looseness or rattling to dilute your creativity

Nothing kills your inspiration like playing around corners to avoid a known problem areas


No sagging posts that bring you down

... And turn your carefully tuned setup into a buzzy, fizzing mess


No misalignment to drive you crazy with constant tweaking

The Tuffset Bridge’s patented design locks everything in place

A Classic Alternative

Drawing inspiration from vintage guitar design, The Tuffset Bridge is a true drop-in replacement for vintage or modern instruments, and does not require any modification to your guitar.

Locked and ready to rock