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Original Offset Guitar Bridge



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Tuffset Bridge is the world’s first and only fully adjustable, fully locking Offset guitar bridge

Engineered for precision and stability, Tuffset Bridge offers individual height and intonation adjustment for each string, ensuring a perfect setup on any guitar, no matter your fretboard radius.

Locked, and ready to rock

Make your offset guitar an instrument you can truly depend upon, in the studio or on the road - without compromising the authentic sound and feel of a Vintage-style rocking vibrato action.

A classic alternative

Inspired by vintage hardware, Tuffset Bridge is designed as a direct replacement for any offset bridge, requiring no modification to your treasured instrument.

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Customer Testimonials

The Tuffset Experience

"A genuine improvement to the guitar - an improvement to the function and performance while disappearing under my hand. The attention to detail of both the design and machining produced a quality product"
Stevo Guitaro
"I’ve had Jags and Mustangs in the past. I love the sound. But when the time comes to thin the herd, they’re first for the chop because I can’t use them live. This bridge will change all that for me!"
Tobias R
In terms of style, build quality, playability - unmatched with any other bridge I've used. Since getting the Tuffset, I cannot put my offset down.
John Phelps
guitar tech

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