The tuffset story

As a lover of Offset Guitars and the lucky owner of several vintage examples myself, I know what it’s like playing around corners to avoid common problem areas.

I always found the unique Offset Character so inspiring, but my Offset Experience couldn't inspire much confidence on stage.

Often, I would find myself second-guessing whether I should bring my favourite instruments to recording sessions or live performances - or whether I was better off bringing something less inspiring, but more dependable.

Some of my own Offsets
The usual suspects!

Mods and “upgrades”, ranging from pennies to hundreds of dollars, had sometimes impressed me in the “honeymoon period” – but over time I came to realise that they all brought their own problems with them; or else, came at a cost to the unique character I so value in my beloved offset instruments.

One by one, my offset guitars all ended up back how they started.

(factory spec)

2019 – 2024



Playtesting Tuffset Prototype 2.0 on a 1965 Jazzmaster

An enduring solution was needed - one that didn’t compromise an Offset Guitar’s unique character - and over time this solution became the Tuffset Bridge.

After more than five years, 20 iterations and redesigns, sleepless nights, a long patenting process and numerous manufacturing hurdles; I’m so proud to say it can finally be your solution, too!


This isn’t where the Tuffset Story ends. It’s where it starts - starts improving your ownership experience, enhancing your creative voice, producing tones and textures that inspire you every day, and becoming part of your signature sound.

It’s my honour to be a small part of your musical story, and I can’t wait to see what beautiful music you make together!

Daniel Katz

Go forth and rock
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