The Tuffset Difference

The Tuffset Difference

Uncompromising design


All bespoke components are precision-milled from 303 and 304 billet Stainless Steel - there’s nothing pressed, stamped, cast, folded, or plated.


The Tuffset Bridge is proudly Made in the UK, with parts sourced from a pool of specialist manufacturers across the country. It is assembled by a passionate and dedicated team in our own workshop in Gloucestershire.


The post heights are lockable, and threaded right through for completely rigid and dependable performance that will never let you down.


The Tuffset Bridge’s saddles adjust and lock according to a patented design that doesn’t need flimsy springs, allowing the whole bridge to resonate like a single piece of steel and hold your adjustments permanently.


Drawing inspiration from vintage hardware, the Tuffset Bridge is designed to complement your guitar’s styling – not to upstage it with flashy logos and mismatched materials.


True rocking action gives you the vintage-correct Offset vibrato character you love, but without vintage-correct ownership headaches!


Tuffset Bridge's string slots are engineered to grip the string and drive the rocking action, preventing slippage and returning to true intonation even under the most robust and persistent vibrato usage.


Tuffset Bridge’s taller shoulders don’t just improve post stability - chamfered on all edges, they also function as a comfortable palm rest


The Tuffset Bridge is a true drop-in replacement for vintage or modern instruments, and does not require any modification to your guitar - just slacken your strings, lift out the old bridge and replace it with the Tuffset.

Marketing executives seem to think so. After they’ve “fixed” the original designs in any number of ways, sometimes the shape is all that remains intact!

At Tuffset, we believe their warped priorities have contributed to a widespread misunderstanding of what causes the many problems Offset guitar players experience, and how best to fix them.

Instead, Tuffset’s priorities have been set by the Offset community. People like you and I, who live and breathe these instruments - love them, use them, and (yes!) very often have found ourselves frustrated with them.

Offset Guitars aren’t just a shape to us. They’re like nothing else.
Are you tired of leaving your Offset at home?

Many different products, mods, 'upgrades' and approaches abound - yet it is still extremely uncommon to find an Offset guitar in the wild that doesn't suffer from one or more of the following issues:

  • Difficulty holding tuning and intonation, particularly when using the vibrato
  • Persistent fizzing, rattling, or other undesirable artifacts
  • String-skipping
  • Posts that sink over time
  • Obstacles to the string path that can severely detune or break the string
  • A low-ceiling on string energy that produces a weak, inconsistent sound and forces the player to use heavier strings than they would prefer
  • Setup that drifts out of place over time
  • Inability to dial-in an optimal setup, because string heights or intonation are not individually adjustable
  • Sounds boring
  • Unattractive aesthetics

The challenge was to make a rocking bridge - but to make it absolutely bulletproof.


Offset enthusiasts understand you can’t just mix and match features or parts from other guitars’ bridge designs and expect them to perform in the unique context of an Offset guitar. It had already been done to death when we started this journey five years ago, and nothing much has changed since.

Instead, what’s required is a highly specialised solution, designed from the ground up to perform flawlessly within that context. Understanding the physical system is key; and the Tuffset Bridge is the culmination of everything we have learned.

Tuffset Bridge’s design addresses all our Offset problems, but whilst enhancing - rather than compromising - what we already love about our Offset guitars.

Never compromise what you love about your Offset guitar.

We don’t want to transform your Offset into some completely different kind of guitar. We want to transform your ownership experience for the better, whilst retaining or enhancing what already inspires you about your instrument.

Tuffset Bridge shown without optional Dust Covers

The rocking vibrato action is fundamental to that “special something” about Offset guitars.​

The Tuffset Bridge’s patented saddle height adjustment and locking system is a silver bullet designed from the outset to satisfy the needs of the Offset Guitar enthusiast – and a large part of that appeal comes from the authentic, spacious and wobbly sound of a floating vibrato action.

Every single screw locks into place, meaning there’s no need for the flimsy intonation springs, gappy thru holes and wonky geometry that is taken for granted on other bridge designs.
With saddle slots engineered to prevent slippage, the result is a rocking bridge that has the confidence-inspiring solidity of a fixed-post whilst also delivering the smooth and spacious vibrato wobble of a vintage favourite – even with light string gauges.

It allows the Tuffset Bridge to float as the original design intended, so your tuning will withstand anything the vibrato can throw at it – yet the locked bridge functions as a rigid and resonant single-piece of steel that will make your guitar sing like only an Offset can.

Get ready to have complete control over your setup for the first time on an Offset guitar.

Tuffset Bridge’s patented locking system grants you the flexibility to set the height and intonation of each string completely independently, with no risk of your meticulous adjustments creeping out of alignment over time.

The Tuffset Bridge is compatible with any neck radius - and unlike a fixed-radius bridge, it will allow you to make even the tiny detail adjustments that will upgrade your ‘workable’ setup into a true monster.

Unlike other bridge designs, it won't force you to make a compromise between solidity and adjustability.

Whether your guitar suffers from post sag, string skipping, fouling, rattling, tuning problems, poor sustain, a lack of adjustability or a general sense of fragility, the Tuffset Bridge is here to mend the relationship you have with your Offset guitar so it can inspire you again.

Most of all, the Tuffset will help you bring that inspiration into the studio and on-stage, by giving you a confidence in your instrument that you’ll feel from day one.

Daniel Katz

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